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 Biccibonny's Fenja

 Born February 27,2013



 Kaylee's Country Boy of




 Biccibonny's Benicia 


Biccibonny's is a cattery that prioritises the cats, and where everything takes place in a close home environment. The cattery is situated in the centre of Copenhagen between Peblinge Dossering and the H. C. Ørsted’s Park. The most importent to me is to breed on a perfect temperament, health, type and good  coat. The name Biccibonny is derived from my first two Cornish rex cats that were named Curly Cat’s Bicci and Curly Cat’s Bonny Boy (brothers). These two died much too soon due to illness at the ages of 6 and 7 years.

The cattery is registered in CFA since June 5, 2006 and TICA since July 2, 2008.



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May 19

Felwyn is now a happy neuter

Biccibonny's Darius Beniac

Adults available for rehoming

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